Nutrition Education

Manna’s Community Education Program offers  free programming that make crucial health information more accessible. Any of the classes listed below can be offered in multiple languages; we simply ask your agency to provide an onsite interpreter.

Menu of Services

A Taste Of African Heritage Cooking Program

Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage program is designed to help people eat and live more healthfully through a traditional diet—specifically, to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based traditional foods, and to prepare more home-cooked healthy meals per week. With lesson plans that simultaneously teach history, nutrition, and cooking techniques, this six-week series introduces participants to the rich cultural history of African heritage foods while providing them the tools they need to adopt this traditional way of eating for better health in modern day life. This program is for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. We also offer the A Taste of Latin Heritage Program,  which is a six-week series. Classes are two hours long, for groups of at least 15 participants.

Habits to Hinder Diabetes and Chronic Disease

This two-part nutrition workshop series is for individuals living with Type II diabetes or who want to prevent diabetes. Habits to Hinder Diabetes and Chronic Disease covers the standard American diet vs. eating for disease prevention, foods to maintain good health, motivational tips to get started, as well as signs and symptoms that signal a doctor’s visit. Each class is one hour each, for groups of at least 15 participants.

Shocking Secrets About Sugar

An interactive one-hour session that will answer the question: can sugar really be addictive? In addition to the brain’s response to sugar, we’ll cover the 46 other names for sugar, eating tips to prevent or control chronic disease, and offer hands-on practice for identifying healthy food choices. Participants arrange sugar packets to visualize the amount of sugar in common snacks, beverages, and pantry items. Minimum 15 participants.

Healthy Eating On A Budget

Perceived lack of time and money are the biggest challenges to healthy eating. Utilizing the right strategies and with access to the right resources, families can enjoy the multitude of benefits that cleaner cooking and eating provides. Including a healthy food demonstration and tasting with recipes, this workshop helps to empower families with key strategies for healthy eating that won’t break the bank. Minimum 15 participants.

For more information about any of these services, or to register a group from your agency, contact Community Education Program Manager, Madea Allen: madea@mannafood.org