Manna Choice Market

As the world begins to reopen, so does Manna Food Center. After a long pause due to the pandemic, we are ready to take the next step into going back to “normal.” On July 13, 2021, we finally reopened our Market. We are excited to meet and serve participants from our community once again. Like Maria Chevez said, “We’re back!”

Maria Chevez is setting up the Market a few days before the reopening.

Manna Market offers a unique model of food distribution where participants can choose the foods they will discuss over the next couple of weeks. Participants will receive a ticket number and choose a seat to wait for their number to be called. Once their number is called, participants can pick the items they want right off the shelves. While they are waiting, they can have a chit-chat with other participants in the waiting area.

With many great supports, our Market has served over 45 families each day in the past. Now, we are ready to serve more families in the community. To visit our Choice Market, you can go to our office at 12301 Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at:
Phone: (301) 424-1130
Email: joel@mannafood.org