4 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are coming up and one of the most notable (and best!) attributes of this season is all the yummy food that isn’t necessarily good for us. How can we enjoy some of the great food and still keep our health intact?

Tip #1
Mentally commit to eating a little bit better than you did last year. This could be eating a little less or a little more of the healthy stuff that is provided. If you commit to it mentally you are more likely to follow through physically.

Tip #2
Take a favorite food and add some health benefits to it. Maybe in the mashed potatoes, you experiment with adding mashed cauliflower or add a few dashes of turmeric to your mac and cheese. Most of the time you won’t even notice a difference and you just boosted the health factor of that food.

Tip #3
Eat throughout the day instead of starving up until the meal. This way you may not feel the need to eat as much since you’re not as hungry. One thing I try to keep in mind, and this may not work if you have a huge family that you spend the holidays with, is that the food will not disappear if I don’t eat it at that second. You can always put away what you did not have time or room to eat.

Tip #4
Get your veggies in early. Start your meal off with a salad, soup, or veggie plate so that you know you’ve eaten your veggies. When you feel satisfied you don’t have to worry that you didn’t eat anything health because that was the first thing you did.