Most Needed Foods List

In the United States, processed food products with added sugar and salt are often more affordable than nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. For this reason those of us with limited material resources find it easier to fill up on calorie-dense food that does not contain the varied nutrients our bodies need.
The Most Needed Foods List suggestions listed here will help guide you in providing the most healthful donation for our neighbors who need it most.
Manna Most Needed Foods List

Foods Unsuitable for Donation

Kindly note that we CANNOT distribute the following:

Information on Food Dating

Before you donate food that is past it’s best by or best if used by or sell by date take some time to learn about package dates first here.  As you’ll learn, most food is perfectly good to eat weeks, months, and even years past those dates!  Knowing this, Manna does share food past date.  Here’s a guide to how long past date we’ll distribute commonly donated items:

For information about additional foods you can consult the following resources: