Montgomery County Food Council

The Montgomery County Food Council launched in February 2012, with the purpose of creating a robust, local and sustainable food system.  MoCo Food Council is an independent body, formed and led by community activists and organizations, private businesses and entrepreneurs, government officials, farmers and educational institutions. Its bold plan focuses on making food accessible to all citizens, while promoting the vitality of the local food economy, its consumers and the environment.

We believe Montgomery County can become a national model of a sustainable community food system.

The Food Council’s vision to improve the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of our county is parallel to our own, and we are honored to have our Executive Director, Jackie DeCarlo, representing Manna as a Council Member. Our staff are actively contributing to key working groups, especially regarding food access and Community Food Rescue.

The Food Council asks residents to look to the future and imagine: Imagine producing, distributing and composting local food in an environmentally sustainable way. Imagine promoting public health through improved eating habits. Imagine uniting rural, suburban and urban communities around food. Manna and the MoCo Food Council believe our county can become a national model of a sustainable community food system.

Manna is pleased to join the MoCo Food Council’s diverse coalition of stakeholders who are actively engaged in transforming this vision into reality.

For the Montogomery County Food Council’s Food Access Report, CLICK HERE