Community Building

Since 1983, Manna has shared more than 50,000,000 pounds of food to those experiencing hunger in Montgomery County. This total illustrates our extraordinary impact, but it is not a standalone statistic. It also represents the generosity of our supporters and could not have been reached without the participation of our community.

Manna is committed to the 4 Ps: serving the right people in the right places with the right product through the right partnerships.

Above all, Manna strives to be at the center of ending hunger. How do we serve that purpose? By connecting to hunger-related efforts throughout the community. We know that no one agency can singlehandedly do everything, but we can and do become involved through sharing of resources, expertise and embracing the cause of collective impact and multi-stakeholder involvement. In fact, we believe this unique approach lends Manna our reputation for thought-leadership.

Manna is informed about the local landscape of poverty and food insecurity  in our county. We are involved in virtually every county-wide effort to combat it. Manna has more than three decades of proven expertise to draw from and functioning as a food bank we regularly share our resources with peer organizations.

We also have embraced a data-driven approach to decision making. Known as the “4 Ps”: Manna is committed to making sure we serve the right PEOPLE in the right PLACES with the right PRODUCT through the right PARTNERSHIPS. Recently we invested $75,000 in technology and countless hours of staff and consultant time to revamp our data systems to make sure we used our knowledge wisely and shared it broadly.

We have the resources and the know-how. We do whatever it takes to unify and mobilize the charge against hunger and food insecurity. We enthusiastically participate in whatever capacity is called for.

Manna champions those experiencing hunger– and we champion likeminded organizations that are doing the same.