June 8: Do More 24

Do More 24 brings together nonprofit organizations, partners and donors committed to creating impact in our community. Held on June 8, 2017, Do More 24 is a 24-hour fundraiser powered by United Way of the National Capital Area. Last year, Do More 24 raised more than $1.55 million for nonprofits in the region!

On June 8th, help Manna fight hunger and feed hope in Montgomery County! CLICK HERE to make a donation to Manna. 



What would your $24 donation to Manna Food Center do?
$24 will support local farms and farmers and bring 75 pounds of fresh, locally grown produce to your neighbors who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. You will help end hunger and ensure that we have a stronger, local food system. The Farm to Food Bank program partners with five local farmers markets and two farmers to make purchases of local produce. These local farmers often donate additional produce resulting in a cost effective partnership that brings more healthy foods to those experiencing hunger in our community. This program reduces food waste, supports local businesses and helps to end hunger in our community!

$48 will provide one month of nutritionally balanced food for weekend meals to three elementary school children and their families who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Your support will remove hunger as a barrier to success for these children by ensuring that they will return to school on Mondays properly nourished and ready to learn.

$124 will provide essential food support to the average family receiving services from Manna Food Center for the year. Many families are faced with the unreasonable choice of choosing between spending their limited funds on food or necessary bills such as gas, electricity and rent. When families experience unplanned expense such as medical bills or a loss in wages, your support will ensure that this family will not have to choose between food and bills.

$240 will provide food to make 96 nutritionally balanced meals for families experiencing hunger and food insecurity. This essential food support will ease the grip of hunger for local families who are struggling to obtain and maintain self-sufficiency.

$480 will rescue more than 1,500 pounds of food from local grocery stores and bring that food to people experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Your contribution at this level not only will help to end hunger but will also reduce food waste. Your support will fill bellies instead of landfills!